Ep.4 On Same Sex Marriage

Lucy speaks to three young people in same sex relationships about their approach to marriage. Has the introduction of same sex marriage gone far enough to creating the "equal marriage" of campaign slogans? And is marriage even an attractive prospect for young LGBT+ couples?

Content Warning: this episode contains mentions of homophobia and conversion therapy. Get help on these topics: Stonewall Information and Resources Switchboard LGBT+ Helpline Supporting LGBT+ rights around the world Kaleidoscope Trust The Commonwealth Equality Network Faith-based LGBT+ organisations Christianity Student Christian Movement - Onebodyonefaith (formerly the Lesbian & Gay Christian Movement) - Inclusive church - Campaign for equal marriage in the church of England - Two:23 - Christians at Pride - Other Faiths KeshetUK (Jewish) - Imaan (Muslim) -

Jake's Poetry <3

It Takes Him an Hour or So to Love Me in Impossible Archetype (p.12)

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Jake, Ibi and Louise

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