The Knot Ready podcast: a look at marriage from a modern, feminist perspective.

Episode description:

Should I wear white? Can I keep my own surname? Are weddings sexist?

Why do I want to get married?

I'm Lucy, and I'm getting married, but I'm conflicted. Why is this patriarchal institution so important to me? And how do other people approach and think about it? So with the clock ticking until the big day, I'm on a journey to work it out, by unpicking the uncomfortable questions I have about marriage.

Armed with stats and a host of wonderful different guests, join me each month as I navigate the murky, fairytale-infused waters of modern marriage and try to reach some conclusions about how to do this thing!

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Music used in this episode:

Thank you to this episode's guests:

Emma, Jo, Electra, Abbey, Imogen, Ibtisam, Rebecca, Mitchell and Emily

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